Being Active in Forest Hills

Lots of businesses and residents in Forest Hills take great pride in their community. There are lots of ways to give back and be active.

Community organizations abound. Amongst these a few are: Queens Community House, the church in the Gardens, the Forest Hills Jewish Community Center, and the Forest Hills Y.

The Forest Hills Chamber of Commerce is an excellent organization that works with elected officials, Community Board Six, local merchants and businesses.

Online there are multiple forums and blogs such as, and There are also informal groups such as Forest Hills Parents on Yahoo, and an e-mail distribution list that reaches over 400 families.

But the best way of being involved in the community in Forest Hills is to own a business and operate it here.

So be active. Look at our listings of available stores and offices for rent. We know you will find no better location in all of Queens. In fact, for rent you might not find a better location in all of New York City.