Baseball, Basketball, Football and Forest Hills

Forest Hills is best known for its clear association with tennis. The Westside Tennis Association, located in Forest Hills Gardens, was the site for many years of the US Open. Although the U.S. Open is no longer played here, tennis and Forest Hills are inextricably so associated; however, other sports, baseball, basketball, football are also vibrant in Forest Hills, and much of that is due to the unique character of many of the bars in the area.

After work, it’s easy to catch nearly any game on Austin Street. Five Burro Cafe is just one of many places that fans gather to watch.

These are mostly laid-back establishments that are the perfect places to meet up with clients and your customers for a quick drink in an environment where it’s actually possible to carry on a civil conversation.

Locate your business in Forest Hills, and join a real community with community spirit and energy that will help grow your business and provide a steady stream of clients and customers, because these are the things that are important to your customers as well to you.

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