Forest Hills Community Organizations

Forest Hills has a strong history of community organizations. One such organization is Queens Community House. Just over 35 years ago, it started as Forest Hills Community House on the spot of a former golf range.

Starting with just three staff members in the spring of 1975, Queens Community House now has over 400 full and part-time staff. It offers community and senior programs in over 20 sites, serving over 20,000 people a year in all.

Other strong community organizations include the Forest Hills Jewish Center, the Forest Hills Y, the church in the Gardens, and many others.

Many of these offer programs for all age groups from preschoolers to seniors.

These strong community organizations provide strong roots to many groups and individuals within Forest Hills.

We often like to think of ourselves in a similar category since in a similar way we help the businesses and individuals that are in our properties we lease with us to develop strong roots within this community.

If you are looking to develop strong roots within this community and find one of our spaces attractive to your needs, please inquire with us by calling (718) 793-0103.