Make the residents of Forest Hills Gardens your clientele

The spectacular Forest Hills Gardens is truly unique in all of New York City. The graceful Tudor homes, along magnificent tree-lined boulevards and streets, hold and have held some of the city’s most distinguished residents.

The Gardens, as they are known locally in Forest Hills, are bordered by an equally magnificent shopping district, Austin Street. If you were to examine a map, you would see that the shops of Austin Street are literally just one block away from the entrance to the Gardens. The history of Austin Street is intertwined with the Gardens Corporation.

The apartments and houses on the other side of Queens Boulevard and both sides of Austin Street rivaled the Gardens in their history and for many their exclusivity.

Having office space or retail space in the area carries a tremendous cachet.

The Forest Hills property group has been invested in this community since 1957. We own and operate some of the most desirable locations in all of Forest Hills. Quite literally, our many buildings on 71st Ave. / Continental Avenue and Austin St. stand as the gate keepers to the Gardens.

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