Kosher Delicious Food Can Always be Found in Forest Hills

Serving a large Jewish population in Forest Hills, many eateries like Pahal Zan Kosher Falafel and Gotta Getta Bagel offer great delicious kosher foods. With accommodations being made for all types of people with discerning palates, no wonder many customers flock to the neighborhood.

Great restaurants and diners are only one of the reasons that Forest Hills draws shoppers from throughout Queens, Long Island, and even Manhattan. This is where your business needs to be if you’re thinking of setting up an office, a retail store, or a restaurant.

The Forest Hills property group has been invested in this community since 1957. We have the prime properties and prime retail locations in Forest Hills that will help make your business successful. We can also help introduce you to other businesses in the area and invite you to membership within the Forest Hills Chamber of Commerce.

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