Rent Commercial Space with Forest Hills Property Group

It’s a basic fact that almost every business establishment will enter into a rental agreement for some type of commercial space every three to five years. If you’ve ever rented commercial space, you know that finding a property and negotiating terms is serious business. With a rental agreement, you pay for the time you use the unit. A month-to-month rental agreement is automatically renewed each month unless you or the owner give the proper amount of notice (typically 30 days) and terminate the agreement. The owner can increase the rent, change other terms of the tenancy, or terminate the lease on relatively short notice (usually 30 days) – unless local rent control ordinances specify otherwise. To find a commercial space that is perfect for setting up your business, you need to talk to us.

SinceĀ 1957 Forest Hills Property Group, a real estate management and brokerage firm, has been specializing in the renting/leasing of commercial space, including offices and retail outlets throughout Queens and the Greater Metropolitan area. We are aware of how emotional the renting of a commercial space can be and will be there for you from the beginning of the process to the conclusion. We will first review your needs and requirements in your quest to find the property you’re looking for and then we will help you to determine which space from our selection of properties is right for you. Once you have chosen the perfect space you can be assured of a smooth transaction resulting in a successful rental agreement that meets the needs of all involved. At Forest Hills Property Group, We are confident that you will be satisfied when you rent from us.

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