It’sĀ Top RestaurantsĀ on Austin Street, Forest Hills, NY Year-Round

Garcia’s and other high-end restaurants like Aged, Piu Bello, Europan Cafe and Mardis Gras on Austin Street in Forest Hills, NY give the neighborhood a unique and high-end character. Blessed with its own Restaurant Row, and cuisines ranging from Thai to Italian to Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Greek, and Asian fusion, the area is a delight for the palate, and a great place to consider setting up an office, a retail store, or a restaurant.

Forest Hills Property Group can help you achieve your dream. With our expertise of the area, and our excellent retail and office locations, we can help you get set up.

We can help introduce you to other businesses in the area and invite you to membership within the Forest Hills Chamber of Commerce.

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Garcia’s, a Mexican cafe