Interested in Renting Space in NYC?

If you are considering renting space in NYC, there are factors that you must consider. For example, space, location, parking, public transport, expansions, utilities, partitions, open floor plan, and funcionality. When searching for a space for your store or office, it is best to always look into the details and be wary of what may help you towards the growth of your business. With our assistance, you will find a retail space among our top-notch properties perfect for setting up your business.

Forest Hills Property Group is made up of a tight-knit family of licensed real estate brokers who are exceptional in their experience as well as client relations. We specialize in store leasing, office leasing and real estate management serving Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn since 1957. We can assist you in renting property for the lowest possible price under the best terms. We will work to meet your needs and will place your best interest in the highest regard throughout the process of each transaction.

The Forest Hills Property Group is located in the heart of Queens at 71-25 Austin Street in Forest Hills, NY. If you have any questions or concerns please call us at (718) 793-0103 or e-mail