Why Buy Retail Space for Sale When You Can Rent With Us?

One of the biggest decisions you’ll make as a business owner will be whether to buy retail space for sale or rent it. Almost all small businesses start out in leased (rented) premises, and most use leased space throughout the life of the business. By leasing rather than buying, you avoid tying up valuable working capital, and it’s easier to move to new quarters if your space needs change as your business grows or if you don’t plan to stay in a location for more than a year or two. Also when leasing instead of buying you don’t use up valuable capital that would otherwise be spent owning bricks and mortar. Finally weel located retail space is usually not available to buy.What’s more, renting may allow you to establish your business in a desirable location that you couldn’t otherwise afford. If you are searching for retail space for your business, consider renting or leasing with Forest Hills Property Group.

Since 1957, Forest Hills Property Group, a real estate management and brokerage firm, has been specializing in the renting/leasing of commercial space, including offices and retail outlets throughout Queens and the Greater Metropolitan area. We take pride in our reputation for professional service, honesty, and trust. When it comes to leasing or renting, our extensive knowledge of the New York market and years of real estate experience will help you determine which property of ours is right for you. When you are ready to rent/lease retail property, you can feel confident that Forest Hills Property Group will make the transaction as smooth as possible.

We are located in the heart of Queens at 71-25 Austin Street in Forest Hills, NY. If you have any questions or concerns please call us at (718) 793-0103 or e-mail info@fhpropertygroup.com.