The Lure of Sweets and Desserts

For those with a sweet tooth and lower degrees of self-control, Forest Hills is a place to satisfy anyone’s taste. Those searching for ice cream and other cool treats can visit places like the well-known Haagen-Dazs store or Pui Bello, a gelato and dessert place where every scoop is turned into a masterful creation. Those craving tasty, baked goods can drop by at Martha’s Country Bakery, Bonelle’s Pastry Shop, or a high-end Chinese pastry shop, all of which are on Austin Street or just steps away.

With all these businesses around, who can resist the lure of sweets in Forest Hills? Customers from throughout Queens, Long Island, and even Manhattan are being drawn to the tasty treats Forest Hills has to offer.

This is where your business needs to be. A cosmopolitan flare, and the presence of eateries described above, will surely enhance the experience of your clients and customers.

We have the prime properties and prime retail locations at the economic and shopping center of Forest Hills. Whether you’re thinking of renting an office, or opening a store, you have the properties and expertise to make you feel welcome to the neighborhood.

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