Finding the Perfect Retail Space for Your Business Needs

If you are considering renting or leasing retail space, there are factors that you must consider. For example, space, location, parking, public transport, expansions, utilities, partitions, open floor plan, and functionality. When searching for a space for your business, it is best to always look into the details and be wary of what may help you towards the growth of your business. With the assistance of our management team, you can find a retail space perfect for setting up your business.

Forest Hills Property Group, located in the heart of Forest Hills, NY, is a real estate management and brokerage firm serving Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. Our team has been in the business of store leasing, office leasing, and brokering hundreds of properties in Forest Hills as well as other neighborhoods. With our thorough knowledge of the Forest Hills area and its real estate, we will make the process of leasing or renting retail space as easy and satisfying as possible.

We continue to focus on maintaining our properties in a first class manner and to utilize our expertise to continue with our ongoing capital improvement programs to maximize the value and appearance of our properties. At Forest Hills Property Group, we are are there to help you achieve the desired results and get the best deal possible.

Please contact us at (718) 793-0103 or e-mail so we may service your real estate needs.