Lease Store Space with Forest Hills Property Group

Leasing store space is a big responsibility and finding a property and negotiating lease terms is serious business. Luckily, the owners at Forest Hills Property Group can help you through the process and find the right space that fits the needs of your business. By leasing space rather than buying space, you avoid tying up valuable working capital, and it’s easier to move to new quarters if your space needs change or if you don’t plan to stay in a location for more than a year or two. What’s more, renting may allow you to establish your business in a desirable location that you couldn’t otherwise afford.

Since 1957, Forest Hills Property Group, a family-owned business, has been specializing in the renting/leasing of commercial space, including offices and retail outlets throughout Queens and the Greater Metropolitan area. Our brokers know that the process of leasing commerical real estate can sometimes be stressful. With our expert advice and extensive knowledge, we can guide you through the entire process of leasing space, from start to finish. We will first review your needs and requirements in your quest to find the property you’re looking for and then we will begin a thorough search to determine which space is right for you. Once you have found the perfect space you can be assured of a smooth transaction resulting in a successful lease agreement that meets the needs of all involved.

If you are searching for retail space for your business, consider leasing with Forest Hills Property Group. Give us a try now! Contact us directly at (718) 793-0103 or by e-mail at Our office is located at 71-25 Austin Street in Forest Hills, NY.