Queens Boulevard: the Artery of Queens Business

Queens Boulevard connects the various communities in Queens. Most of these communities at one point or another were developed independently of the rest. As recently as the early 20th century, most of Queens was still farmland. One of the first communities to be developed was the community of Forest Hills. Originally the Long Island Railroad was the first link to the community of Forest Hills.

Forest Hills is the first station stop on the Long Island Railroad. With the advent of cars as the primary mode of transportation and the development of additional communities within Queens, Queens Boulevard is a central place in linking these communities together whose streets are often dead ended.

Today Queens Boulevard still plays an integral role in driving the tremendous number of shoppers and visitors into Forest Hills from the rest of Queens, the rest of New York City, and beyond. The main hub of Forest Hills is Austin Street. Austin Street is merely one block away from Queens Boulevard. Many businesses however are present on Queens Boulevard.

There is no doubt that Forest Hills would not be quite as vibrant today without the existence of Queens Boulevard.

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