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101905_112Forest Hills is the perfect location for renting office space. The central shopping district of Austin Street is filled with high-end shops and professional services offices. In the heart of Forest Hills, Austin Street is near multiple subway lines, ample parking, the Long Island Railroad, and buses not only servicing Queens, but also running express directly to Manhattan.

The best commercial space on Austin Street is owned and operated by the Forest Hills Property Group. Our retail stores are in triple A locations. We own the two major buildings on 71st Ave. / Continental Avenue and Austin Street. These locations are in the geographical and economic center of Forest Hills and we make sure that the buildings are impeccably maintained.

Forest Hills is centrally located with a lot of public transportation as well as a large pooel of employable people immediately in the neighborhood. In addition there are many business services available including City Printers on 71st Rd., Staples, numerous employment agencies and many other business services.

We have many builings with office space and with a little notice we should be able to service your needs.

To see a list of our available properties for lease or rent click here. Feel free to contact us directly by calling us or filling out the form on the contact us page.

There is truly no better place to set up your business in Queens.