The Forest Hills Yearbook

If there was a yearbook for the community of Forest Hills, it would be a consistent and inspiring read. For every year Forest Hills gets better and better with our vibrant community only expanding, evolving, and diversifying.

Forest Hills is a very special type of community. In the past few years we’ve seen the development of more culture-oriented businesses from dance and artistic studios to music, cooking schools and especially yoga.

Of course our Youth Athletic Association, youth baseball, Little League that is, Youth Football League, and community centers such as Queens Community House, all continue on their work strongly.

Stores along Austin Street continue to get more sophisticated (as if this is even possible) with the new neighbors selling organic produce and yummy pastries.

The zoning for Forest Hills has been brought into this century finally, and we’ll see the character of this neighborhood kept and built upon.

Forest Hills Gardens remains mostly unchanged as if in a time capsule. It seems as if we age around that neighborhood rather than the other way around.

Each year we welcome new businesses into our neighborhood, which bring an influx of new investment and new promise with new generations of business owners.

So if you are thinking about opening a business, strongly consider Forest Hills. This is a special place.

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