Are You a Parent in Forest Hills?

Parents in Forest Hills have an extraordinary array of concerns since they tend to be actively involved with their children’s lives. The active group on Yahoo called Forest Hills Parents, which also doubles as an e-mail distribution list, serves over 400 families.

Founded on October 24, 2005, the group averages over 450 conversations each and every month. These range from suggestions for the family doctor, advice about recurring ear infections, humidifier suggestions, infant CPR, babysitting, winter coat drives, mommy and baby exercises, free item giveaways such as strollers and indoor toys, and serious discussions regarding the H1N1 vaccine, recalls and other safety issues.

Quite a large number of fathers are also active in the group.

The strength of the community’s families is a sound indication of the strength of the community as a whole and this is primarily what sets Forest Hills apart from other sprawling neighborhoods in Queens and towering neighborhoods in Manhattan.

There’s tremendous word-of-mouth. Businesses that are able to capitalize on this are able to reach new customers that come back again and again.

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